Monday, October 27, 2008

The Wonderful Smell of Boys

Spencer and Eric after sweetly bringing the outside into the inside.

It was 7:00 tonight and I still hadn't fed my boys. I'd decided to take advantage of the nice weather and clean the inside of my mom-mobile before it gets freezing cold. It wasn't until my boys started complaining of starvation that I realized it was way past dinner time.
I told them the plan was to get them in the bath and while they played I'd fix them dinner.

Spencer - "Why do we need to get in the bath?"
Me - "Because you both smell like boys."
Spencer - "What do boys smell like?"
Me - "Outside and dirt."
Spencer takes a big whiff of his hand - "Oh, you're right. I do smell like dirt."

Later Eric was eating a apple. He went up to David and said "Smell my hands."
David did. He told Eric he smelled like apple. Eric corrected him, "No. Dirt."

Poor kids. I hope I didn't give them a complex. But it's true. A boy is not being a boy unless he smells wonderfully of the outdoors and dirt. How I love my boy smelling boys.