Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad words that start with B

Spencer on his first day of Kindergarten.
Every Tuesday Spencer has homework. Each week a letter is assigned and Spencer has to draw pictures of things that start with the assigned letter and then write the word by the drawing.
Today was the letter B. As in boy ... bike ... ball. You get the idea.

After school Spencer is always filled with such excitement as he tells me about his day. He was filling me in on all the kindergarten gossip (trust me, it exists).

So we sat down and I dug for some information. Anything interesting to sustain me until David gets home. Well, my informer informed me that his friend, Sammy, said a bad word when the teacher asked for things that started with 'B'.

Oooo, highlight of my day!!! Gotta admit my ears perked up, hoping something really juicy was headed my way. Since I don't swear I ask you to silently think of bad words that start with 'B'. Yes, those were the exact words that went running through my head.

So I asked Spencer what Sammy had said.

Spencer leaned toward me and whispered, "Butt." (ok, he didn't really lean toward me or whisper, but it kinda makes the story more interesting so we'll go with it.)

Oh, the downer. Only, butt. Nothing more colorful.

But now at least I don't have to ban my child from playing with his not vulgar, potty-mouthed, best friend.
Dear Sammy, how we love you.

Beware - Corny Mother Moment coming next.

Magical Moments with Spencer - One of the most wonderful thing about Spencer are his hugs.
Whether he's leaving for school or going to a friends house he always gives me a hug before he leaves. I love those few seconds every day that I get to put my arms around my
growing boy that's now up to my waist. He really is a sweetheart.