Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Part 2 -

this is a despairing tale of two children and the
hardships they endured.

ith scrawny legs, weary from quaking in the cold,
two down hearted children waited in a far-reaching line.

for promised to each child were a dozen Krispy Kream donuts.
Now, these donuts were so glorious to they eye that the down hearted children's
mouths instantly watered.

but no matter how they yearned for a single morsel of
donut they didn't get a bite, nay not even a lick. For at the
down hearted children's home
awaited their cruel, morbidly
obese father.

now this was a truly heartless father. Each night the eldest
child had to give him a deep tissue massage by pounding
on his massive belly.

and the youngest child had to pretend
at all the heartless father's boring jokes.

but the children, although down hearted, were clever.
"What if we made our cruel, morbidly obese father exercise?" they
said to themselves. "Then maybe he'd loose weight
and we'd no longer have to give him our Krispy
Kream donuts."
so the clever children took their father for a walk.

and it worked! the cruel, morbidly obese
father began to loose weight. The lost
pounds scattered the lane.

but the creul, morbidly obese father soon caught on to his
clever children's plan. And, h
aving no qualms,
sent his clever children begging door to door
for his sugar fix.

the neighbors took great pity for the down hearted, clever
children and gave them all the candy in their cupboards.
It's needless to say the kids didn't get a bite, nay not
even a lick, of that candy. No, every piece now resides in the
large tummy of their cruel, morbidly obese

to end this despairing tale, the children's kind and beautiful mother read them a story.
And although the story was a little scary, it was definitely more
entertaining than the one just told.

Happy Halloween!!!!!