Friday, November 7, 2008

The Magical Moment of the first snowfall of the season.

In a world that exists between awake and asleep some of our most beautiful thoughts reside. It's a world where a dreamlike quality covers your ideas like a warm blanket, protecting you from any negative thoughts of why you can't do something. The world is open and accepting of all your hopes, goals, & dreams. It's a truly marvelous place.

As I laid in that world last night, a desire that has been slowly forming in my heart, solidified. One of eternal nature. One that I can't accomplish on my own. That of being a mother. The hope of one day reaching my divine potential of being a mother.

I want to be filled with love more than impatience. A mother who laughs with her kids. A mother who forgets the dishes, laundry, or the newest episode of her favorite T.V. show to sit down and play with her child.

I know I can't perfect it in a day. Believe me, I've tried.

But last night, in the extraordinary world between asleep and awake, a way to accomplish my long term desire was born. I'm calling it Magical Moments. I believe it's the day to day, simple moments that give meaning to our life. So my Magical Moments may be painting with my artist prodigy, Eric. Or reading a book with my sweet Spencer. Or it may be something as simple as an idea that occurred to me about motherhood.

It may be funny. It may be serious.

Either way, I want a purpose for this online journal of sorts. So it will become a place to store pictures and writings of Magical Moments. After all, "We write to taste life twice, once in the moment and once in retrospection." So why not taste life's Magical Moments twice each day?

Thanks to c jane for the quote by Anais Nin.


Tonya Adams said...

Oh cute! Don't you wish you could see things through a childs eyes again? Luke was and still is fascinated with the snow. Hey, thank you SO much for your advice with Luke. Sometimes I just feel so clueless about being a mom. In hindsight I know so many things I would change, but it's hard to change a child who's had 2 years to get set in his stubborn ways. I'm really going to try your advice, thank you thank you! Btw, you and Dave are so cute! I'm so glad he found someone like you. :)

Audrey said...

YOU, my dear, are a writer. I hope you know that. What a wonderful idea. I love your descriptions! I am subscribing...