Friday, November 14, 2008

A Miracle, I say!!! A Miracle!!!!!

Long gone are the glorious, wonderful, tasty days of eating anything and everything I wanted. Name it - Tootsie Rolls, Olive Garden Bread sticks, Sugar Cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And all the while staying a svelte 115 lbs! How I mourn those days.

Now fast forward 10 years and a hubby and two kids later. Up until a week ago I was still eating Tootsie Rolls, Olive Garden Bread sticks, and Sugar Cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But the higher powers have decided to take away the awesome power of never gaining wait. Evil, evil higher powers.

And although I've gotten a little older I still want to be that hot chick (yes you feminists, I said chick) that can make a guy's head turn. That is until they notice my two handsome sons and turn their heads away. Good thing too, I already have a studmuffin at home!

But last week a miracle happened. A miracle by the name of Liz. Liz is this drop dead gorgeous blond with the body of an 18 year old. (But she's way sweet, so we won't hold it against her).

Thanks to Liz I keep a food journal every day. And every night I email it to her. And every night she cheers me on in my efforts to be healthy and guides me to ways I can be even healthier.

Liz is even a miracle in David's life. Because of her, he no longer quakes in fear as my hand reaches for the junk food and he kindly reminds me that I'd told him to not let me have that donut, or chocolate bar, or whatever.

(I vaguely remember chasing him around the house after he'd stolen my Captain Crunch)

Because of Liz I will one day look sexy in my size 6 (but feel like a 4) Buckle Jeans and I have a much more peaceful marriage.

David and I sing Liz's praises each day (just kidding).