Saturday, October 25, 2008

Go Go Power Rangers

First I want to say- Thanks Mom. All those years growing up I can think of a few times my mom would get totally overloaded with all she had to do for seven kids between the ages of 18 and a month old. She'd end up getting in a total bad mood, and you didn't know whether to hide, run, or stay in her vision but act totally invisible. At those times, I'd think to myself, "You had us. You're the mom. Be a mom and deal with it!" (But I'd wisely keep my mouth shut).
But now I can say I am beginning to understand what was going on in her head. Somewhere between balancing my checkbook that I haven't balanced for three months, bathing my boy-smelling boys, giving haircuts, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, writing my articles, vacuuming, kindergarten, library story time, and trying to get myself showered before I start smelling like my boys I begin to loose it.
So today when Eric asked me to watch Power Rangers with him I quickly responded, "I can't. I need to finish getting things clean so we can go bye-bye." He said ok and let me go. When I went back downstairs to put another load in the washer Eric looked at me and simply said, "Mom, come cuddle with me." You know those moments that drive guilt deep into your heart? Yup, that was one of those. I promptly sat down, put my arms around him, and watched Power Rangers.


Audrey said...

Oh, I've sooo been there! Mommy, come play with me! Mommy, mommy let's do a puzzle! Sometimes I have to literally force myself to sit down and play with the kids. I know it shouldn't be that way, but life is busy! I know, I know, in the end our parent/child relationship is more important. I just have to keep telling that to myself as the piles around the house grow taller and my to do list gets longer......