Saturday, October 25, 2008

Seven Years Down, Baby! Eternity To Go!

For our seventh anniversary David and I headed for Vegas. It was so romantic. See, I have a list of things I want to do in my life and two of those things are to go to Italy and see Phantom of the Opera. Well, since Italy is way out of our budget the next best thing, of coarse, is to stay at a hotel themed all around Italy. And the room was amazing. But the bathroom...ummmm...there are no words to describe the magnificence of that bathroom. Seriously. When we build our dream home I'm going to make a special trip to the Venetian just so I can make sure I get all the colors right. My heart broke as I left that bathroom. Complete agony. Mourn with me.
And what can I say for Phantom? David had seen it before and said the Vegas version was better. They built the theater just for Phantom. And you feel like you are in an old opera house. And forget drugs and alcohol, the rush you get from those opening notes and the broken chandelier swinging together over your head gives you an amazing adrenaline rush. To say it was our best "honeymoon" is an understatement.

Love ya Babe- xxxxxooooXXXXooOXOXOxxxxxO! (For all those Nacho Libre fans!)


Audrey said...

Yeah, I get to be the first one to write on your blog! Glad to see you're in the blog world. It was fun checking all three of your blogs! Wow! I've seen one really fancy bathroom before and thought "no way, bathrooms DO NOT look this nice and clean!" Apparently no little boys use these fancy ones! What a fun trip for you guys!