Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Knowlege of a Kindergartener

I hear some great conversations during carpool.

The Scene - Spencer and Sammy walk out of the school into the bright sun

Sammy - Oh, the sun is so bright.
Spencer - That's not the sun.
Sammy - What is it then?
Spencer - Nobody knows.

Items Needed for an Eerily Fun Halloween-

1. Candid Pictures

2. Dinner in a Pumpkin, Superhero Muscles, & Halloween Goblets

3. A Hawiian Clad Hottie Instructing You How to Carve a Pumpkin

4. Mounds of Pumpkin Seeds Waiting to be Baked

5. Freezing Your Face in the Dry Ice Smoke

6. Scary (or not so much) Carved Pumpkins

And Of coarse, Conclude the Night with Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin While Eating Pumpkin Seeds. Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Wonderful Smell of Boys

Spencer and Eric after sweetly bringing the outside into the inside.

It was 7:00 tonight and I still hadn't fed my boys. I'd decided to take advantage of the nice weather and clean the inside of my mom-mobile before it gets freezing cold. It wasn't until my boys started complaining of starvation that I realized it was way past dinner time.
I told them the plan was to get them in the bath and while they played I'd fix them dinner.

Spencer - "Why do we need to get in the bath?"
Me - "Because you both smell like boys."
Spencer - "What do boys smell like?"
Me - "Outside and dirt."
Spencer takes a big whiff of his hand - "Oh, you're right. I do smell like dirt."

Later Eric was eating a apple. He went up to David and said "Smell my hands."
David did. He told Eric he smelled like apple. Eric corrected him, "No. Dirt."

Poor kids. I hope I didn't give them a complex. But it's true. A boy is not being a boy unless he smells wonderfully of the outdoors and dirt. How I love my boy smelling boys.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Go Go Power Rangers

First I want to say- Thanks Mom. All those years growing up I can think of a few times my mom would get totally overloaded with all she had to do for seven kids between the ages of 18 and a month old. She'd end up getting in a total bad mood, and you didn't know whether to hide, run, or stay in her vision but act totally invisible. At those times, I'd think to myself, "You had us. You're the mom. Be a mom and deal with it!" (But I'd wisely keep my mouth shut).
But now I can say I am beginning to understand what was going on in her head. Somewhere between balancing my checkbook that I haven't balanced for three months, bathing my boy-smelling boys, giving haircuts, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, writing my articles, vacuuming, kindergarten, library story time, and trying to get myself showered before I start smelling like my boys I begin to loose it.
So today when Eric asked me to watch Power Rangers with him I quickly responded, "I can't. I need to finish getting things clean so we can go bye-bye." He said ok and let me go. When I went back downstairs to put another load in the washer Eric looked at me and simply said, "Mom, come cuddle with me." You know those moments that drive guilt deep into your heart? Yup, that was one of those. I promptly sat down, put my arms around him, and watched Power Rangers.

Seven Years Down, Baby! Eternity To Go!

For our seventh anniversary David and I headed for Vegas. It was so romantic. See, I have a list of things I want to do in my life and two of those things are to go to Italy and see Phantom of the Opera. Well, since Italy is way out of our budget the next best thing, of coarse, is to stay at a hotel themed all around Italy. And the room was amazing. But the bathroom...ummmm...there are no words to describe the magnificence of that bathroom. Seriously. When we build our dream home I'm going to make a special trip to the Venetian just so I can make sure I get all the colors right. My heart broke as I left that bathroom. Complete agony. Mourn with me.
And what can I say for Phantom? David had seen it before and said the Vegas version was better. They built the theater just for Phantom. And you feel like you are in an old opera house. And forget drugs and alcohol, the rush you get from those opening notes and the broken chandelier swinging together over your head gives you an amazing adrenaline rush. To say it was our best "honeymoon" is an understatement.

Love ya Babe- xxxxxooooXXXXooOXOXOxxxxxO! (For all those Nacho Libre fans!)

The Beginning

Welcome to the world of the Harwards. This is the third blog I've started, but since I can never remember the blog name I chose I can never find it again. Oops. So finger's crossed, I can remember this one.